Water as food

A healthy organism only functions with a sufficient supply of water – therefore, water is our most valuable commodity, which we do not value enough.

To protect the blue planet earth in the best possible way, it is essential for us to prepare the water available to us in the best possible quality through our products and thus make it accessible to all living beings.

Pure water is the solvent for our salts & minerals, and it is our means of transport for nutrients, as well as for the decomposition products, which we eject from our bodies.

Most people always pay attention to the quality of their food, but solid food is only a fraction of our diet.
That is why we are always striving to promote the appreciation of water as a food and to inspire as many people as possible with our mission.



We need water not just as an essential food for survival, it is also a real booster for our immune system in daily use. Drinking pure water is a way to become healthy and to stay healthy!


The consumption of water helps to transport oxygen to the body cells, which leads to the proper functionality of our organs. Water not only provides us with valuable substances, but it is also our own garbage disposal and removes toxins from the body. The more water is consumed daily, the easier it is to remove toxins from the body, which have a negative effect on the immune system.


Unfortunately, the tap water we are used to does not deliver the best water quality due to various factors, even in Austria. As a result, we have developed the optimal solution with our be.pure molecular filtration to be able to guarantee the highest quality from every sip of water.


Taste of Austria

One can distinguish the best water by its taste!

The dolomite provides us with the right amount of magnesium and calcium for this, which is why we get the typical be.pure taste through the right dosage. This is equivalent to pure & clear spring water.

Important functions of our enriched minerals:


Calcium is one of the most important components for the stability of bones and teeth. Without this mineral, the bones would become brittle, and we would no longer be able to bite firmly.

Muscle function

Muscles need calcium to be able to alternate between tension and relaxation. Magnesium also plays an important role here.

Nervous function

Even the nerves would lose their functionality without sufficient calcium. An imbalance in the calcium balance can lead to nerve dysfunction or even psychosis because the mineral ensures smooth signal transmission between nerve cells – and thus a clear mind.

Blood clotting

Calcium is also important in blood clotting. Without sufficient calcium, bleeding would be difficult to stop because the blood clotting factor cannot form properly.

Energy conversion

Calcium is also essential for high performance. Energy metabolism would be massively restricted without the mineral, and one could not even begin to reach any level of performance.

Allergy defenses

Calcium is involved in preventing the uptake of histamine in the tissues and is therefore often used against allergies. For the body to deliver full power, an automatic calcium balance occurs in the blood. If the calcium level in the blood drops, the body draws on the calcium stored in the bones to compensate for the deficit.


It is hard to believe how important magnesium is for the organism. It ensures restful sleep, increases the ability to concentrate, improves muscle performance – and these are just some of the functions in the body that cannot operate properly without magnesium. Magnesium, in brief, has a hand in pretty much everything: the nervous system, blood circulation, cell supply, protein formation and immune system would come to a complete standstill without the micronutrient.