be.pure ENYA

Our molecular filtration with reverse osmosis & mineralization

ENYA is the perfect complement to your built-in watermaker or water tank, which is also compatible with the ice maker. Enjoy the purest water enriched with valuable minerals daily.

Sheer purity, pure water, pure taste.

With this filtration system in your home, you will enjoy the best water with 99.9% purity every day.

be.pure – no exceptions.

Enjoy the purest water enriched with valuable minerals daily.


  • Nitrates & pesticides
  • Bacteria & viruses
  • Hormones & antibiotics
  • Residues & heavy metals
  • Arsenic & lime
  • Asbestos & chlorine
  • Salts

What is reverse osmosis?

The be.pure reverse osmosis is based on the principle of molecular filtration.

A reverse osmosis separates individual substances in the size of single molecules. This process works by forcing water through membranes under pressure.

A membrane is a thin layer of a material that enables separation of pure water and harmful additives.

This technology is used in be.pure reverse osmosis systems and ensures that almost all harmful substances are completely filtered out of the water.

be.pure ENYA filters pollutants such as lime, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, nitrates, fertilizer residues, salts and even medicines or hormones.

Advantages of be.pure technology

Best filtration

Reverse osmosis with mineralization

Double germ barrier

Automatic flushing

Compared to other systems, we can remove all organic pollutants & heavy metals down to 0.1nm in size at 99.9%.

We do not only subtract all pollutants – the water is actually re-mineralized with calcium & magnesium or de-acidified by dolomite.

Our systems have two germ barriers compared to other systems. At the wastewater connection to prevent recontamination & at the faucet to prevent pollution from the outside.

After each water withdrawal or every 6 hours at latest, the system flushes for approximately 10 seconds. The entire system incl. osmosis cartridge is rinsed – something unique!

Our Membranes

Membrane 400 GPD
The membrane consists of a multilayer laser-perforated polymer film with microscopically fine pore size of 0.0001 micron.

Water is forced through the semi-permeable membrane with pressure.

Since water molecules are the smallest molecules, only these can penetrate the fine pores of the membrane. The unwanted pollutants are retained and removed directly from the membrane through the wastewater.

This high-quality process removes all undesirable pollutants and flavors, such as: Viruses, bacteria, germs, hormones, lead, arsenic, pesticides, uranium, drug residues, herbicides, fungicides, lime and pollutants nearly to 100%.

max. Flow rate: 400 GPD
Nominal flow rate: 70l/h
Nominal pressure: 8 bar
Lifetime: max. 48 months
Temp. range: min. 5°C – max. 38°C