be.pure Water

be.pure ENYA

The name ENYA originates from the Celtic and means water of life. The main characteristic of ENYA is the liveliness, which the pure water passes on to us humans. With be.pure ENYA we have developed our own source of water, which delivers the pure vitality into every situation of our life.

Our molecular filtration with reverse osmosis & mineralization

ENYA is the perfect complement to your built-in watermaker or water tank, which is also compatible with the ice maker. Enjoy the purest water enriched with valuable minerals daily.


  • Nitrates & pesticides
  • Bacteria & viruses
  • Hormones & antibiotics
  • Residues & heavy metals
  • Arsenic & lime
  • Asbestos & chlorine
  • Salts

be.pure public

Especially in public areas, the water supply is often not sufficiently secured or in many cases not compatible with the idea of sustainability.

In most cases, people rely on plastic bottles or simply poor-quality water without considering the consequences that consumption brings.

The be.pure public is perfectly tailored for offices, schools, universities, municipalities, government offices, etc.

be.pure medical

Our be.pure medical products are perfectly designed for medical facilities.

Whether for waiting areas of medical practices or in clinics – our solutions are ideally applicable and harmless to health. Classic water dispensers are very often affected by bacterial contamination due to the air intake and therefore pose a serious health risk. Upon request, we can also supply our systems and water dispensers in touch-free versions.

The pure water not only quenches thirst but also heals the body from them – a win-win situation for all parties involved.

be.pure boat

Mineralized drinking water on your boat at any time. be.pure water treatment systems are the necessary freshness upgrade for every boat.

Our products not only improve the quality & taste of water, but it is also above all beneficial for your health and the environment. We provide years of experience in optimizing water systems for yachts and find the optimal solution for all necessities.

And the best part – it’s sustainable, will save you money & is good for your health.


A sustainable comfort – including the highest water quality for your customers.

Our be.pure hospitality offers are perfectly customized for businesses in the gastronomy, hotel and wellness sectors – without losing any practicability. Our classic & modern designs fit in every environment – from high class target groups to traditional every day caterings.

be.pure home

The purest drinking pleasure for your home directly from your own water source. With our be.pure home products, you can enjoy the best water with a purity of up to 99.9% every day thanks to our technological innovation: the reverse osmosis.

The filtration system not only removes the dangerous pollutants from the water, but it also enriches the water with all the important minerals to achieve the perfect water quality.

The optimal solution for your kitchen or bar in conjunction with our products for your very own home.